Hotel Management System




ONLINE HMS (Customizable)


1. Adding and booking rooms along with amenities.

2. Adding price for rooms based on dates and number of guests.

3. Mark the bookings in the calendar sheet.

4. Room Management and Pricing

5. Adding details and price for extras.

6. Reserve rooms as unavailable.

7. Adding coupons with coupon codes and discounts.

8. Dashboard and Reports

9. Generating Reports.

10.Dashboard with all details.

11.Sending automatic notifications to customers on booking.


1. Setting price for rooms

2. Setting different prices for each day of the week

3. Setting different prices based on number of guests

4. Rooms can be booked by providing the customer and payment details

5. Reserve rooms shows as unavailable

6. For each room, additional amenities like AC, extra cots, etc can be added


Email notifications can be sent to customers, on booking a room. This will help users to have the booking details on their own device as an intimation