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Software Development Services
We continue to deliver new and exciting software solutions to our respected clients. The software we write takes many forms: • Web-based and Client/Server Solutions • Systems Analysis and Design • Database Solutions • Quick Applications • Performance Enhancements • Mobile Applications • Others When we develop or enhance software, we want to make sure two things happen: • The code is tested and approved by the client before it’s released • Nothing we do with the development process will interfere with software that’s actually running in the “real world” We keep our development area away from the “real world” by developing in a three-tier application environment


Our core service of AL UROOJ Services includes the following:

Software Development Services

The modern age is a digital age, an age of computers and autonomy. In such a world being up to date with the latest technology in IT / Software Development is essential for continuous improvement and propagation. When you are in need of good software development, AL UROOJ is there for you. Over the time since our inception, we have worked on various systems with our group of experienced and qualified software engineers, testers and project managers. The changing dynamics of the modern industry, business sector as well as the academic fields demand the presence of ever evolving solutions. Bringing these solutions within reach of the clients will allow any company to make their presence known in the market. People always search for the most versatile, flexible and affordable software solutions. This is where we come in. Since 2008 we have a proven record of successful working with software technologies, introducing a multitude of new software solutions. We believe in the notion of continuous improvement and with every task we evolve our work style and aptitude. To deliver the best of solutions for software problems, while minimizing process time, resources and cost, is essential in maintaining a successful clientele. To this end we employ the latest and best of resources, practices and tools. We offer most exciting, versatile, pragmatic and creative software applications which we know are the most suitable for our customer’s requirements. Our team is skilled in a wide range of tools, techniques and languages, working in multi-disciplined sub teams, thus maximizing Knowledge sharing which enhances the adaption abilities to the modern progress. Unconstrained by the technological limits, our focus is placed on determining the customers’ business and domain needs. With this knowledge at our disposal we are able to supplement the project process with work insight, thus increasing speed, consistency and performance.

Software Development Process: 
When you entrust us with a task, be assured that we employ the best of software development practices and techniques. Automation, test-driven development, continuous integration and deployment-minded delivery are techniques utilized to maximize stability, security and scalability of the demanded products. Our teams follow strict regimens, including maintaining coding standards and architectural principles, to ensure that you get the best of the products. AL UROOJ teams can engage with you in a number of different ways. We offer our client’s flexibility in terms of team size and structure as well as the option to increase or decrease numbers during the engagement. Teams are based in our offices and work via remote access.
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