About us


We are specifically quite strong in Oracal and software development. The outstanding features of our company include qualified and experienced professionals who are the best in their respective fields. Our organization is the recipient of many performance awards for the very innovative solutions that we have created for our valued clients. We deliver seamless upgrades to control of web applications that are accessible by clients and employees 24/7. Our created websites and web applications effectively with social networks and are very useful for sophisticated and complex analytics and tracking purposes. We offer a creative and active approach to software development which allows us to delivery rapid and flexible the best quality software solutions to our clients. Our experience consists of handling critical legacy and can replace or just update solutions for better performance and for extending their working life.

Our Vision

Our vision is to achieve success through outstanding performance and work with great responsibility. Our approach shall be Commitment to Quality, Safety, Integrity, Flexibility, Innovation, Competitiveness, Teamwork, Customer focused and Satisfaction.

Our Mission

To satisfy our clients and provide solution to meet their IT needs within the time given to us.

AL UROOJ Technical Consultancy (M) Sdn. Bhd. founded in 2011. We are Specializes in IT Consultancy / Software Development, Main frame Computers, Networks services etc. We concentrate to provide value-added services to our customers in order to maintenance their business position. We are established as a leading Information Technology Service Provider in Malaysia. Our certified engineers provide our clients with knowledge, experience and technical expertise. Our successful assignments and track record with client companies have established our reputation as superior provider of Managed and Consulting Services. We have extensive expertise in all facets of system design, Software development, implementation, networking and maintenance.

Skills Augmentation:

If your existing team has a shortfall in knowledge or resources, we can augment the existing members to help meet your delivery target.

Skills Augmentation:

Collaboration has many advantages due to information exchange across both problem and technical domains. We have extensive experience of integrating both large and small teams in a project organization and the know-how to integrate quickly and efficiently with your existing team structure and processes.

Autonomous Teams:

It may be possible for a team to work semi or entirely autonomously based on our Managed Delivery process. Typically, this would lead to an agile approach, with the team delivering in iterations based on the guidance of a client ‘product owner’. Our consultants are good communicators who can quickly gain a real understanding of your business domain in order to solve the technical challenges. AL UROOJ can help software organizations with: • Software Conceptualization & Requirements • Software User Experience Design and Prototyping • Software Architecture & Design • Software Development & Testing In developing software we have outlined a five step procedure that allows us to best service our clients. This includes: 1. Understand your business requirements. 2. Design the software. 3. Program the software. 4. To test the software. 5. Install and support the software. (Oh yeah – we also have to do a great job managing the software project.) Most non-programmers think that programmers only do step three – program the software. (A few programmers think this too.) Good programmers learn that understanding, designing, and testing is as important as coding.

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